Laos Infographic - Zoe Schwingel-Sauer

Javier and I chose to study and research the Laotian War because we wanted to investigate an event involving U.S. foreign policy that we hadn't heard about. When researching the Vietnam War, we came across the Laotian Civil War. As we looked more deeply into the subject, we learned that the U.S. had formed an alliance with Laos. They had formed an alliance because Vietnam is right next to Laos, and therefore the U.S. had a military advantage in the Vietnam War. 

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Hannah Nicoletti (Student 2016)
Hannah Nicoletti

The infographic was very appealing to the eye and there weren't many words so it was easy to look at. I learned that the U.S. had an alliance with Laos! I noticed that you took what you learned and displayed the most important part! Good Job!