Legal Immigration

I’m Alina and this is my final blog post for You and the World project. In my first blog post I talked about why immigration is illegal and the pros and cons of immigration. Another thing is that I talked about what immigrants are struggling to do just to get in the United States. After that on my second blog post, I interviewed two of my friends who were immigrants. During my second blog post I asked them the same questions and both of them have two different answers as their experience of being an immigrant.If you want to take a look, here is Simon’s interview transcript and here is Sarah’s interview transcript. And now for my final blog post I did a Agent of Change at Science Leadership Academy.

What is an Agent of Change you might ask, well an Agent of Change is when you want to change that situation to a solution that will allow people to participate in. For my Agent of Change, I did a bake sale in school outside of the office. My bake sale was on June 6th during lunch. I did this fundraiser to help The National Immigration Service Directory so they can help immigrant have an affordable job to work at and to help immigrants come to America to have a better life style.

During my bake sale, my goal was to raise $50.00. But while selling doughnuts and cookies, I raised about $55.00. I exceeded my goal which was a good thing because the more the better. With this money, it could help immigrants live a better lifestyle in America then as they did back in their old country. Another thing is that with this money it could help immigrants not get deported back to their country.

Why did I do a bake sale you may ask? Well, a bake sale is easier than spending a lot of money doing a run or hosting an event. Doing a bake sale was really fun because you get to experience handling money and meeting new people.

My experience with the bake sale was very nervous because I was afraid that nobody will buy my baked goods but instead there was a lot of people who came and bought the baked goods. The best thing was that I get to donate the money to the National Immigration Service Directory.