Little Help

One problem that I've noticed and am bothered by today is the racial injustice towards African Americans seen on the streets and in courts today. This is a problem that has been around for far too long and while it is well known I feel not enough is being done about it. There were some instances where people marched because of an injustice ruling, such as the Treyvon Martin case. However, a few weeks after the ruling  the controversy died down, nothing changed and other injustices continue to happen. My project is about how messed these injustices are and telling people that they have more power than they think and to rise against the racial injustices so that no one has to suffer from them again. To do this I will tell people to realize what’s going on and that there are bigger problems than having the newest phone or sneakers. I wanted to deliver this message in the form of a song because to me music is one of the best forms of self empowerment and is something I wish to pursue in life. Many musicians and artists before me have empowered people with their music and I wish to follow in their footsteps and do the same. I was going to do a cover of an already written song and rewrite the words myself to deliver the message that I discussed above. I do not think I am a singer and this is my first time recording my voice so I bless your ears. However, I do play the bass and wanted to “show off” on this project so the bass line will be provided by me. I plan to make tweeks of my own to the bass line so that it won’t be an exact copy of the bass line in the original song. If I had more time I would try to include more instruments played by real people or make a completely new song.

Look at what's happening

Trying to understand how

the freedom we once fought for isn’t there

where did it all go wrong

Cause, its time to bring injustice to an end

It doesn’t have to be like this

We can make it well

we can make change for the better, baby

With a little help

Lets start by acting out

we need to start working together, no more fighting amongst each other now

is it so hard to ask

to focus on the fight that is at hand

we can stop this racial mess

it just takes some work and a whole lot of effort

It just can't be done alone

you have more say than you think

Don't you know that

You can make change for the better, baby

With a little help

It doesn't have to be like this

we can make it well

Its time to fight like we used to

there is nothing else

'Cause we can make change for the better

With a little  help, you know

That's how you make this wrong a right, yeah

It doesn’t have to be like this

We can make it well

we can make change for the better, baby

With a little help

(Just want to let yall know this not my real voice, but don't be surprised if I'm nominated for a Grammy.)

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