Lobbying- Education Reform

The United States of America. Hearing these words used to make other nations tremble, but now we are falling behind on education because the students don't feel compelled enough to learn. Comparing America to Asia and Europe our primary and secondary education standards have been increasingly decreasing. For example a school in Asia had a higher rate in test score then one in Europe. Several places in Asia require students go to school year round, in South Korea the students are in school from 8am to 5pm everyday and many stay much later for study. Europe ranging from around 4-8 hours per day.

I want to lobby for the better education reform so that the U.S will once again be the greatest nation for education. We all know that the universities in the U.S are the greatest, but I believe that fundamental education should be just as important. We know that we have Harvard, Yale, Princeton and many more incredible universities but we are laking in elementary, middle and high schools were the students will feel secure and willing to learn instead of  feeling forced to. 

There are of course high schools that graduate students that end up attending these Ivey League universities, but what about the rest, what happens to the students that don't get into big named school, and not to mention the students that drop out of high school all together. I believe there needs to be an education reform, we need to create more schools such as Science Leadership Academy were the students feel welcome, were the teachers are first our teachers, our friends , our councilors, our back up, our safe place. 

In January of 2010 violence erupted at South Philadelphia high school  where off-campus and lunchrooms attacks targeted about 50 asian students, injuring 30, primarily by African-American students. The Asian students, boycotted classes for more than a week after the attack, stating that they had endured relentless bullying by African-American students while school officials did nothing about their complaints. I want there to be a change in education and in schools because there are many kids that come from "The Hood" or bad neighborhoods, and I believe that schools should be a safe haven as much as a place of learning, kids need to have a place or person they trust and I believe that this is a part of a teachers job. 

Some of the main supporters for my lobbying idea are the Education Reform Center, and the Education Reform now Foundation. One of the biggest posing challenges for this however, is the budget crisis, schools have had to lay-off teacher because they cant afford to pay them, and some of the neighborhood high schools cant even afford supplies needed for every student let alone higher teachers. The United States needs to spend more money on education because it is one most important things that keeps the nation together. And it is necessary for the continues growth of a nation and the well being and comfortable life for its people. 


What we need to change:

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What we need more of: 

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