Lobbying education reform 3

The status of my lobbying topic, education reform is not doing very well as of this year. There has not been much change between the committee and council members that support my topic. There has been a lot of talk but no real action with education reform. President Obama gave a speech in July of 2011 and again on september 23 2011, stating that his administration would provide relief from the no child left behind act, he directed secretary Duncan to move forward with plans to provide flexibility to states looking for greater relief under the law, this law was supposed to make sure that every child got an excellent education. 
         Even though this was set to take place, very little change to be seen. In fact there has been more negative change then positive. Because of the failing economy the Pennsylvania public schools with about $1.5 billion in education sector cuts and a 50% cut for state-owned/funded four-year colleges. This has caused many several schools such as Cardinal Dougherty to shut down. There has been a lot of talk and few meeting about education reform, but no real action has taken place to benefit education. 

           I also found several places during my search, places that I could visit in order to sit in on the meetings regarding education reform. At some of these place if and when I get a chance to speak I will bring up foreign education systems. What is working for the other countries such as Germany, South Korea, and Japan that is not working for the states. During these meeting I also wish to bring up the case of the feeling that the schools bring to kids, and whether we should change it. Whether we want the kids to fear or feel safe in schools, are all things to bring up.                                                                                                                      The representation of US schools in the world community is also of concern and something that should be discussed.  The fact that neighborhood schools in the states are in conditions compared to at times worse then jail is a growing concern. In the past being educated and able to attend school was a privilege and a dream for a lot of kids, now days it is seen as a nightmare waiting to end. Its time to change the views students have on school to a positive one. 

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