Lobbying Issue

My lobbying topic is sort of two things. I want to change the curfew/consequence and also I want to stop the profiling that many have on groups of young kids. I want to change the curfew because it is stopping those who are having a good time and not being a flash mob from having fun. Also it just seems unfair that there is a fee for the parents to pay if the child is caught for curfew. It isn't my mother's fault that the city is profiling me as a flash mobber just because I want to go out and have fun with my friends. And as for the profiling, not every group of kids or young adults are going to be a flash mob. Some are just out to have fun and that's simply it, but not every cop or adult wants to believe that. I chose this because when I plan events or outing with my friends I know for a fact we have to keep that in mind because we are all not over 18. My friends and I normally go out in groups and we like to have fun, although we are not a flash mob and will never be I know that because of the multitude that we come in many may think that and it is not okay.
The main supportes of my idea would be the young adults that feel the same way, and possibly the parents of the young people. But the opponents would be the police officers and others who believe that all young people are out waiting to be a flash mob. Also another opponent would be the students actually out there being a flash mob. I believe that Mayor Nutter has put certain restrictions on different age groups. As for the profiling part I am sure that there is nothing being passes to stop that. But I think something should be done because it is putting a bad name on the young people. Some of them may have brought it upon themselves but the majority doesn't have to suffer, I think somebody should make it where you just wait to see if something happens but you are still close by. Only because nothing may happen but just in case i does somebody should be there and don't always breathe down the young people's neck give them enough space so that they can have fun.