Lobbying Issue: Funding for Philly Youth Poetry Movement (Phase Two)

For Phase Two of my Lobbying Project, I found that since I live in district 3 of the city, Jannie L. Blackwell is my city council representative. I found that she has been an advocate the youth and underprivileged kids since she has been appointed. She has tons of experience in politics and has helped build relationships between communities. Her own interests and focus lies within the community. Her ultimate goal is to help make Philadelphia better as a whole. Since she suceded Lucien Blackwell in 1992, she has been the voice of the youth that cannot speak up for themselves and tries to support them in anyway. Just yesterday, a city wide curfew had been passed into law for minors that are out past certain times. She was the only one who voted against it along with many people in the city.
Another one of the people in legislation that I can talk to is Mayor Nutter. He is a prominent supporter of PYPM and sees just ow influencial PYPM really is. He has high hopes for this non-profit and for our success in our lives. He felt truly touched by how this group of young people can come together and be creative, feel safe, feel comfortable, and share their ideas, thoughts, and etc.

This is Jannie Blackwell

This is Mayor Nutter