Love Struck!

​This podcast is like a teenage reality show. It's discusses about how teenagers lower their standards in relationships. Both they were disrespected, and they stayed in the relationship. Maybe they were fed up with the person they were in the relationship, and it was not what they expected. Teenagers have long lists of the dream girl or guy they want. This list is called standards; lets see what type of standards these teenagers have.
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Crossing boundaries could mean several of things. Depends on how you cross your boundaries. But what I learned from my project is that the over all definition is basically stepping out of your comfort zone or normal routine. It sometimes can be a good thing, and sometimes bad. Plenty of people cross their boundaries with money. Many over spend on their budget, and try to live a life that they can’t afford. That’s stepping out of their boundaries. Just like in my podcast, all three of the teenagers I interviewed stepped out of their boundaries, due to relationships. They had standards set on how they want their love life to be and why. But they couldn’t find someone to live up to those standards. It was interesting because while creating this video, I realized that us teenagers want a love life that can come later.

            It was fun to interview people my age that can relate to me. I could hear where they were coming from and I knew exactly how they felt when they were conversing about their story. I know we all have these specifics standards, but I realized we don’t really know exactly what we like. In the interview the teenagers had very high standards, then afterwards said they changed their standards. But the not so fun part was the editing part of the podcast. I found it hard to combine all three interviews. Then picking music and the volume of what level I want my music to be at. It took me longer to edit than to interview the teenagers. But the editing paid off, because my peers said I did a great job with everything including the editing. I agree with them, I got rid of any background noises or anything the person I was interviewing said that wasn’t helping my podcast. I went in doing this podcast with an open creative mind. One strength in my podcast is how I interviewed several teenagers and then combined them, to make it more interesting. One weakness is that my questions could have been more detailed and rich. This podcast project was interesting and very fun to do.

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Goldie Robins (Student 2014)
Goldie Robins

I like this because as a teenager I felt that I could relate and actually answer the questions along with hearing other peoples answers. I loved the music that went along with it, and how it flowed. this may be on of my favorites!

Juan Rivera (Student 2014)
Juan Rivera

This was a really good podcast not cause i was in it =P , but like it had a lot of things than many of us teenagers now in days can relate to and like you said at the end .. "We as teenagers are discovering ourselves and trying to find a good relationship just having a hard time doing it" liked that quote.

Tamatha Lancaster (Student 2014)
Tamatha Lancaster

I really liked your podcast, the music made it stand out. And I feel as though the topic was a good one and the way you put it together was great. Seeing teenagers views on relationships was a good topic.

Katherine Hunt (Student 2014)
Katherine Hunt

I love your podcast! It was something that I could definitely relate to being so that I'm a teen as well. It was cool how you had the different views of how people perceive things throughout modern day society. What really drove me as a listener was the way you introduced things and then had Aaron saying "Ayo Mami" & those real-life everyday conversations.

Victoria Odom (Student 2014)
Victoria Odom

I loved this podcast, you made great music choices in your background. The topic was great and many teenagers and young adults can relate to it today. Also everything flowed together nicely. Good Job :)

Jordan Hairston (Student 2014)
Jordan Hairston

I like what you based your project on and the fact that you interviewed the modern day teenager, we were able to see how relationships are perceived. The music and humor keep the topic entertaining along with the conversations.

Jaccar Garcia (Student 2014)
Jaccar Garcia

I love your podcast, I like the way you made able for us to relate to which makes it more interesting and brings our attention more. I was also funny and nice to hear what other people's standards are and why they matter. Great job!

Sidney Williamson (Student 2014)
Sidney Williamson

I really loved your podcast, you had the right music and I liked that you had both girl and guy perspectives, instead of just girls/guys. I also liked it cause I think it's a topic that relates to just about about everyone in the class haha, Great job!