Luis-Manuel Morales Capstone

For my Senior Capstone, I chose to give back to the SLA Shop. Throughout my high school career the SLA Shop has given me a great deal of experience in engineering that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I wanted to grow the shops certification process by creating single procedure sheets to help students get familiar with each tool so that they may be eventually certified in the tool. Some tools in the shop do have the single sheet produced sheets, however the tools that I have created sheets for are some of the most used in our shop. I wanted to make sure that these key aspect of our space had a healthy amount of information the students could consume to properly and effectively use each tool. Doing research on each tool by reading the manuals provided by the tools companies, hands on experience, and getting feedback from fellow classmates and Mr. Kamal throughout the school year, I have created well thought out and information sheets that provide students with all the key things they need to know to operate the tools, and my hope is that they will hang above each tool for years to come.
Capstone Certification Sheets LM
LM Capstone Annotated Bibliography