Maggies Love Letter To Philly

Maggie Long

Favorite Spot: Around Northern Liberties
Neighborhood: The whole city 
Address: Currently couch surfing all over philly
I am: A Philly Biker
Current Home: Everywhere, Philadelphia PA

Philly. You have treated me well. Before I came to you, I was only a little girl in the suburbs of Allentown. Now I'm proud to be what people call a "City Kid". I'm a Philly lover, friend, explorer, student, young entrepreneur, writer, actor, and most of all, I am a Philly Biker. I bike around the city like it's my job. It's how I learn. I love biking around and seeing cool new spots to hang with friends at, or see new mosaics, or artwork. God it's beautiful. Looking at the city from a distance is breathtaking. Especially at sunset. At that point in time, the city is yours. It's almost as if the world stops for a second so that you can take a breath and fall in love again with the city. I wouldnt want to ever loose that feeling. Stay safe Philly. 

With love,

A Philly Biker 


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