Making a Change- the final post

Siarra Cummings

Feeding Starving Children

Making A Change


I decided to name this blog making a change because in this post I am making a change in the world. Feeding starving children is a very serious thing and I’m glad people have started to take action on it including myself. In my last blog post  I stated how there were many organizations making a change and finding different ways to help children all over the world. One organization I am affiliated with and know the most about is what this project is basically based off on, Feed My Starving Children Organization. Some things I have done for my project is get my family and friends involved. Working with this organization has been a true blessing am I am glad to still be working with them in the future.


This is a picture of some of the volunteers making and putting the food into boxes. After we made 32 packs of food we would pack them into one of the boxes and “whoop” when we were done. It was actually really fun to see everyone be so enthusiastic about packing food for starving children and be willing to do something like this. I also really enjoyed talking to the people there while packaging the foods. Some people were volunteers just like me but have been working with them for years.  The people there were amazing though, no one complained everyone had smiles and was happy to help.


When I was there I had to remember simple steps such as remembering to put the food in our: vitamins, vegetables, soy and then rice. It was something so simple but after doing it for a few hours it kind of got mixed up sometimes. The people there were so nice though so I wasn’t shy or bored, it was actually really fun to talk the people. Most of these people are from my church and some of them are volunteers who help every year. Everyone had great attitudes that day it was such a fun experience.


Each of these boxes were 700lbs and it took a crew to help load it onto the truck. The whole togetherness and vibe of the place really made me want to do it again.  I really believe these people are a true blessing and they are doing something really great for these children who sometimes believe they don’t have someone there for them. I also would like the chance to visit these countries with them in the future and see all the children they have saved. I think it would be so cool to be apart of something like that it’s something I do see myself doing in the future.


Doing this project has definitely made my top 10 best projects. It was really great to share my thoughts and actions  with other people on how I can change the world. Initially I wanted to meet with one of the representatives of the organization but it didn’t work out that way till my agent of change. Unfortunately it didn’t happen but I was glad to be apart of something so small that it’s gonna be big in the future. I’m really glad that I got to share my project with everyone. I also want to thank Ms. Giknis for letting us do this project and helping me throughout the project!