Marriage project-Reflection

​For this project my partner and I decided to file for marriage papers. We searched online in order to find the paperwork but we couldnt. We discussed it with our teacher and decided to give them a call. When I called the office the first thing they asked was whether the two people getting married were over 18 and then a list of things I'd need to bring down to their offices in order to legalize the marriage. I didnt have much of a chance to speak and got a little confused. I tried to get my teacher on the phone, but it was something I had to do myself. I found that I could not get a copy of the papers, in order to even see the papers we had to actually get married. By the time I got back on the phone the lady hung up on me. I then tried again the next day and received some information we needed to complete our project but were still unable to see the documents. Our final product was based on our process and all other data we gathered. I found this project very informative, different and very nice to work with because I now know the process one has to take in order to be legally married. 

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