Media Fluency


Jamilah Woodards


Tech Slide Presentation

  When making my project, I first used my online sources. I initially went to the “Design Slide Website” link. One of the first things I read basically said Color is the first thing that is seen. My original slide consisted of a black and grey New York themed background. I completely changed everything and went for more appealing colors. I used a bold red  font to make the words eye catching then put a thin black shadow behind the text.. I next went Presentation Zen and utilized their sources as well. I used the rule of empty/blank space isn't always a bad thing. The background that I used had a black&white color scheme. Therefor in my opinion, it gave somewhat of an empty space/spacious setting on its own. With that being said, I wanted the text to stand out like the two website links that were provided said. To make the pictures my own, I edited them using two apps on my phone and iPad. The first app; Color Splurge,  allowed me to enhance the black&white color background. While the other app; A+ Signature allowed me to watermark my picture by writing my text. Finally I used tips that I read offline which included; bold text makes the work more appealing, make sure the text stands out, have a statement in your presentation, and etc.