Media Fluency (Revised)

Tech Q2 #5

During this project I learned a lot about design, especially that used in advertising. One thing that is key is to have color contrast. If the colors of words on a slide are similar to the background or image that is behind those words, it can make it very difficult to read the words. I also learned that when designing a slide, as few words on the slide as possible makes it more appealing. Meanwhile, too many words makes the audience not want to read the slide.

Some of the changes I made to improve my slide were that I made the title of my slide bigger so that it is the first thing you see when you look at my slide. I also changed the font of the title because the original font I used made it look as though there was a space in the middle of a word when there was not. Originally, my slide included, in words, the topics featured in my Me Magazine, as well as images representing those topics. I removed the words representing the topics because it seemed pointless to represent my topics in multiple ways. Lastly, I replaced the image that represented music. Originally, two of the three images on my slide were outlined, and one was filled in. I changed it so that two of the images are filled in and one is outlined, and relocated them to make the slide more symmetrical. I also made each image larger so that you can see them better.

The research I did at the beginning of this project was extremely important. Had I attempted this project without knowing how important color contrast, large text, empty space, etc. are, I would have tried to cover my slide in writing that would have made it incredibly boring to read. Research is a crucial part of any project because it gives you background knowledge that you may not have otherwise had.

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