Media Fluency (Revised)

Tech Project (4)
I have improved my newer and better slide. I have learned how to make my slide better than my first slide. My first slide is way to cluttered and because of that there was way to much to see and can't focus on one thing. I have taken away a lot of photos and made it a bit more simpler. 
The changes I have made to improve my slide is I made my title bigger and the title is in the middle, so it can catches people's attention. I made it a bit more organized and simpler. I have made some of my photos a bit bigger and I have deleted some of photos. I also have changed that background, so it won't look to plain. 
The research is important because we need the knowledge to do it correctly. And I hope I have made my slide is way better that my first one. 

Thank you, Nasya 

Comments (14)

Thomas Gualtieri (Student 2020)
Thomas Gualtieri

The slide is successful in giving a doodley, cute theme. The upside down dogs seem like an odd choice and that space could have been filled in with images or your title. Otherwise, good job!

Teyonna Little (Student 2020)
Teyonna Little

This is slide is really nice and you made a huge update to it. What caught my attention was the aminals. Putting your pictures as a border on your slide and having Me Magazine centered was a great idea.

Timothy Williams (Student 2020)
Timothy Williams

this slide works and is better because of the color of the background, which contrasts with most of the images. The picture at the top which is upside-down really gives the slide and unexpected but fun twist. One suggest that I have is making the middle, bottom two images bigger.