Media Fluency 2 Luke

Well I never went for the first time because I never was called too but I heard lots of criticism for other slides. I noticed many of my slide was too much happening and not simple. I tried to make it simple with the point. So i made the font something I felt was smooth with the white with the sky background. Then I made a quote I thought is applicable to anyone's life because anything is possible with will and determination. I noticed I completely changed the slide and everything from original slide on the Colts to a man on a mountain living his dreams. I this time decided to keep all my colors colder colors to not make to many warm and cold colors in my slide. In my quote I tried to make as clear as possible so I kept it to 5 words. I learned a lot about preciseness, alignment, color  codes in warmth and cold. The assignment will help a lot through presenting power points in classes in future. 
2nd tech slide (1)