Media Fluency Project Part 2; Gold

Copy of Tech Slide #2 (Revisions)

Throughout this project, I learned how important the process of research is. I never thought that when designing something, research was needed, but it is. When one researches for design, the research shows what contrasts or what goes well together. If it looks messy or neat. And when I was finished with my first slide, I realized that it looked somewhat messy. The pictures went past the edges and overlapped each other, but I fixed that. Now in my revision of my first slide, I cropped the pictures so that they didn’t touch the corners and so that they did not overlap with each other. I also added some words, because I received feedback that some words would complete it. As a result, I am really proud of my second slide.

Comments (6)

Octavain Davis (Student 2020)
Octavain Davis

This slide really works in my opinion because of the simple title ¨This Is Me¨, the images gives the viewer a very good insight on who you really are and they´re simple to.

Asnain Khan (Student 2020)
Asnain Khan

This slide works well because the colors contrast with the background, but you should change the font of the text. Also, make sure that the pictures are not just anywhere. Overall you did a great job, I can see that you improved. 85.

Sara Frunzi (Student 2020)
Sara Frunzi

Your improved slide works very well because of the editing you've done to crop the pictures. To make it more effective, I feel you should remove one of the pictures because the slide looks a little bit full. Overall, I'd give you a 95.