Media Fluency Slide Pt. 2

After presenting my slide to my classmates they gave me some insightful feedback. The first bit of feedback was to make my name on my slide much bigger so it doesn’t look the same size the words below it. In doing this I immediately saw the difference between the two slides. The second thing I did was take out part of the sentences I wrote because I was told it was too much. I understand why it was too much because it was a glance media slide and there was a lot to read for just a glance. My classmates told me that all of the colors worked together well especially the gray background, so I didn’t really change any colors. The final thing I changed on my slide was the picture. I was told by my classmates that the picture wasn’t big enough and that having bleed of the side worked but that it needs to be bigger so, I made it bigger. Those are all of the changes I made.

Media Fluency Slide 2

Comments (6)

Kyla Gladney-Enos (Student 2020)
Kyla Gladney-Enos

I like how you made the text bolder and bigger. It looks like a really mature slide. I feel like people wouldn't really stop to look at it if they were on the highway. Try to make it pop next time. You get a 95.

Payton McQuilkin (Student 2020)
Payton McQuilkin

I like how you improved your slide with the name bigger, that was the flaw that really stuck out for me. I think overall your slide was pleasing and I enjoyed it. I think maybe you should've cut the writing down to a maybe a little less, and a a little smaller but it worked well pretty much!!

Mayah Gold (Student 2020)
Mayah Gold

I agree with Sara in many ways. Your slide looks very beautiful in my opinion, and I think that the color of the text works well with the background. As well as your photo, I believe the colors in your photo don't clash with the text and background color. However, the photo bleeds into the sides, which is a tad unappealing. Overall, like Sara, I would give you an 85.

Sara Frunzi (Student 2020)
Sara Frunzi

Your slide is very aesthetically pleasing, but I still feel that there's too much text for it to be considered glance media. Also, you can't really tell that the photo is bleeding off the side of the slide. You can only tell that it is touching the edges, which is considered unpleasing to the eye by many graphic designers. Overall though, I'd give you an 85.