Methods of Black Oppression in Reconstruction Era America


​For our visual project, I choose to take a look at the different methods Whites (especially in the south) used to oppress black people in america. Using this infographic, I go over the different ways that former African slaves experienced marginalization, Injustice and oppression in reconstruction era America. I felt that this topic was important because one thing that remains constant throughout history is the oppression of a certain group of people. Whether that group be racial, ethnic, national, ideological or social very similar tools of oppression will be used against all of them. By evaluation and analyzing the methods used by historical oppressors, we can understand the methods future and present tyrannies will use as well.

While exploring this topic, I noticed a pattern in the ways this group of people (In this case formerly enslaved Africans) were held down. Fear tactics were common during the time that physical violence was rarely looked into. Lynchings murders and intimidation techniques were used against blacks in america. They weren't even treated as humans. Blacks in America during this era also faced unjust lawful systems which attempted to not only persecute them, but deny them the ability to fight back against their oppressor. Socially, It was unheard of to treat Blacks as equals or to give them a platform for speech.

My point in exploring these techniques is to understand the situations and scenarios which lead to this kind of group suppression. Because tyranny is universal, throughout time and place, it’s important to know and understand the tools and methods of the tyrannical.

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Kathryn Kopf (Student 2018)
Kathryn Kopf

I think that your project is on an interesting topic and is really well done. You have a lot of information which can really help people understand the topic and the details.