Mi Verano- Nicholas Murray


What grade would you assign yourself for each category?


Exceeds Expectations


Meets Expectations


Approaches Expectations


Does Not Meet Expectations


























Strengths of your process or product

Weaknesses of your process or product


How did you apply the SLA core values to your project?

  • Researched all my summers up to this point and spanish words I did not know
  • I collaborated with my peers so that I could improve upon my project
  •  I reflected on my past year of spanish so that I could complete my project

What did you learn about Spanish through completing this project?

  • I learned that their were many uses of past tenses that I did not care about last year, and that past tense is important.

What did you change about your final project based on peer feedback?  What did you change based on Srta. G’s feedback?

  • I changed the pronunciation of some of my words, and changed some of the music I put in my project.

If you had the opportunity to start your project all over again, how would you do it differently?

  • I would add me pictures to my project so that I could give you a better view of my summer

Did you enjoy this project? Why or why not?

  • Yes because it was a project based on me, which made it easier

Do you have any suggestions for me if I do this same project next year?


  • No, this project was great 


Comments (8)

Rosemarie Knibbe (Student 2014)
Rosemarie Knibbe

I like how you had the music relate to the picture. Also the pictures were really great. I think that if you spoke a little bit faster and worked on the transitions to make them a little bit smoother that would also be nice. You did a lot of things during those summers, which activity was your favorite?

Sidney Williamson (Student 2014)
Sidney Williamson

So first off, i think your project was over all done pretty well. I liked the songs you choose, and that you choose to have music overall in your project. Some things to change though would be that you could have made the slides change quicker….because they did last a long time, and it would have been better, if they were just a bit longer than your voice over. Also you did have a few grammar and spelling mistakes, here and there. Overall though it was good.