Mi Verano Pasado

Explain this project in your own words.

This project is like a summary of what you did over the summers. it didn't just have to be last summer but any summer and you had to present it. it could be an album, keynote, collage, ect.

How did you apply the SLA core values to your project?

The way I applied the core values are that for inquiry I was asking what pictures I wanted to use and how I wanted them to be presented.Then for research I started going around looking for the pictures. After that I started putting the project together And then I collaborated with my peers to see if there was anything I needed change.

What did you learn about Spanish through completing this project?

I learned that some new words and how to use them.

Did you have any major break-throughs or a moment where everything started clicking? Or maybe instead everything fell apart?

When the teacher first mentioned the project I knew automatically what I wanted to do which was a keynote but things didn't go the way I planned so I did an IMovie instead.

What did you change about your final project based on peer feedback?  What did you change based on Srta. G’s feedback?

I changed my grammar and the way the project was going to look. I was going to do a keynote but then decided to do it on imovie.

If you had the opportunity to start your project all over again, how would you do it differently?

If I could do this project over I changed my pictures and choose more of them.

Did you enjoy this project? Why or why not?

I did enjoy this project because I love talking about my summers and how much fun I had.

Do you have any suggestions for me if I do this same project next year?

I have no suggestions.

Comments (5)

Dakota Foster (Student 2014)
Dakota Foster

I like that you put the words on top of the photo. I like that you speak clearly.

You should next time change the colors of the words because some of them unreadable.

Did you like your summers?

Jamekea Lee (Student 2014)
Jamekea Lee
  1. What did you like/liked? You had good pronunciation.
  2. Suggestions for improvement. Changing the color of the writing so it can be easier to read.
  3. Question No questions.