Mi Verano Pasado Maggie Hohenstein

​- For my quarter 1 spanish benchmark we had to present what we have done in past summers. I made an imovie with 11 different pictures and descriptions of what I have done. Instead of having people read my descriptions I recored myself saying them.

-I used Inquiry by explaining what I did over the summer therefore answering the question “Que hice el verano?” I used research but finding our information from my parents about what we’ve done in past summers and looking through old photo albums to find pictures that I could use. I used collaboration but helping others with their project and getting help on mine. I used presentation by putting everything onto an imovie so that it can be easily shown to other people. I also used reflection by filling out this last part of the project.

-I learned that writing out full sentences with limited vocabulary is really hard and it’s really important to remember everything you can.

-I had a break through when I found pictures of my trips to my uncle's house in Chinquotegue. It gave me a lot to say and made it possible to have so many pictures.

-I would use more pictures for each description so that it was more of a collage and it is more interesting to look at.

-I did not because it was the same thing again and again. You just kept going through the same process for a lot of pictures.


Comments (4)

Tamatha Lancaster (Student 2014)
Tamatha Lancaster

I like how you pronounced every word. The accent is great. I suggest that you slow down a little because it was hard to understand what you were saying. How do you speak spanish so fluently?

Jamekea Lee (Student 2014)
Jamekea Lee

1.) What did you like/liked? I liked your pronunciation it was very good. 2.Suggestion for improvement. Maybe have your video go a little slower. 3.Question Why did you stick you tongue out when you was at Hershey park ?