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TopicKey PointsImportant Diagrams
Theory of Evolution

Animals Evolved  to adapt during different weather conditions. Many theories of evolution are just hypothesis. The monkey to man diagram
What I learnedQuestions
How humans and other species have evolved to adapt in their environment.
What would happen if the land disappear? Would humans adapt and grow fins.

Theory of evolution 2 Mike Paige

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Tenzin Ngawang (Student 2013)
Tenzin Ngawang

Topic: Theory of Evolution
Key Points  : Evolution is the time it takes for an organism to adapt to the environment. The different eras. Important Diagrams: The evolution and how humans changed over time. What I learned: Questions: What would be an average time as to how long it would take for an evolution to happen. Has there been any studies based on how long and how scientist realized it was an evolution?