Military Industrial Complex whoo!

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Sergey Kuznetsov (Student 2013)
Sergey Kuznetsov

This cartoon obviously looks a lot like the recycling symbol, and basically shows a very interesting closed circle, which up until no has not been broken. It hurts the government to be a part of that circle, however it doesn't hurt anyone else, on the contrary, the companies gain money, thus they try to lure them in with the promises of ultimate enlightenment from the weapons that they offer.

Bethany Carter (Student 2013)
Bethany Carter

The first thing that I see is the red on the map. It was the right color to use to represent the places we have been involved with because you can't help but see it. Also I think that using the recycling symbol because most people have seen it and know what it represents and so can come up with there own thought of what it represents here.

Annisa Ahmed (Student 2013)
Annisa Ahmed

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle takes a whole new spin with this. When first laying eyes upon this cartoon, the idea of a having cycle of what the military wants is always what it comes back to seemed right. When the military wants something from the industry, they head on over to the government to plead to give to them because the new gadgets are fundamental to keeping this country afloat. And with the red-shaded countries, it has me wondering how long will it be until all of them are shaded red. Anywho, it's displayed with easy understanding and thoughtfulness. Superb.

Pauline Garcia (Student 2013)
Pauline Garcia

The first thing that I noticed was the "recycle" sign but then I got a little confused because theres Military Industrial Complex in it. When we were discussing in class, I thought that the red marks means bad (or so it still is). I thought coloring something red means that its a communist. However, I found out that it's the countries that US has been affiliated to. I guess if they chose the color blue, I would understand it more.