Monisha Das Capstone

Throughout the course of my capstone I had many bake sales. When I had a sale I experimented with different things in order to see what would bring in more profit. I looked at what days of the week brings in more money as well as different products. After doing my bake sales I was able to gather numerical data. After gathering my data, I looked at the income for the day and the actual profit, which I got by subtracting the money spent from the income. At the end it was just a matter of looking at all my data and studying it to understand what was good and bad. 

Outside of the bake sales, I made separate cakes. The money I raised from the bake sales went into make the outside cakes and by necessary equipments. With these I was able to experiment with different decorating techniques such as frosting, glaze, melted chocolate, and ganache. By doing the bake sales and outside projects I was able to understand my capstone from the business side as well as develop baking skills.

This is the link to my online website, Mini's Baker, which holds the description of my capstone, my data, analysis, as well as pictures of my bake sales and my outside cake projects.

Resources I used for my capstone can be found here