Monologue for World History

​Part 1:This unit we spoke about climate change. We also spoke about how climate change affects people. I believe people in the city don't realize climate change. We aren't affected by it so we don't care about it. We act like we care but we don't. The only people that care about it are people that mostly rely on the environment to survive. My goal for this unit was actually understand how climate change is changing the world. I also wanted to be able to write thought-out monologues.

Part 2: 
                                                                                           Stand up

Twenty-five cent!? That’s all you have for me!? Why has my pay been decreasing for the last couple of years?! I can not feed my family with this. Oh you’re sorry That makes it better. Thank you…

Hey honey. Yeah I got it. I can’t keep doing that work for declining pay. Quit? And do what? Just throw the last last 35 years I dedicated to mining work away? That’ll be real great for the family. *Smacks wife*. You’re worthless. Get up and pass me my meds and my leg. It’s over there in the corner. How much did you make today at the kitchen? That’s good. So we’re at 15.25 for the month. I’m going to sleep. I love you too darling… It’ll all get better....


Goodmorning. It’s okay. Get you some coffee. I’ll be okay. Bye. *This leg is so uncomfortable*. Hello, Mr.Kabongo. Funny *fake laugh*. I was coming to speak to you about my pay. What do you mean you don’t have time to talk?! Is this what I have to do to get your attention!? I’ve been your most loyal worker for the last 35 years and you can’t even sit down and have a talk with me!? Unbelievable! *Storms out of office onto the field*. I’m okay Chanko. The man asks as if I haven’t been on this field all my life working for him! I wanted to talk to him about what the future hold for our mining business. *Opens eyes real wide*Is it bad? It’s beyond bad Chank. We need to start a movement to fight climate change. Are you in? Great! I need you to gather everyone that works in the fields and mine workers. Tell them that we will be camping out on the governments lawn. We will be screaming "CLIMATE CHANGE IS KILLING US!" Can you do that? Great! See you tomorrow... *Thoughts* We can fight this. This can change 

the world...

A new war

-Slowly drifting away into the trans those *SARCASTIC VOICE WHEN I SAY

LEADER* leaders taught us to gallop towards at night… *pause*

-It helped on the nights when we weren't thrusting knives into throats, and piercing peoples bodies with a mixture of pain and agony.

-No lady.

-The killing is the part you got used too.

-But the unbearable torture that imposed on me brothers at hand, unimaginable.*Long pause*

-Vietnam born and raised lady.

-I was over there fighting the climate changes and people for 22 years.

-The gun and cannon smoke mixed in the air with the blistering sun was what I've dealt with 22 years.

-At first it was bearable. Hot,*PAUSE* but bearable. Over the years, it got worse and worse.

-I started to wear less gear. *PAUSE* I know it wasn't safe.

-*SPEAKS IN AN ANNOYED VOICE*I know it wasn't safe! But I couldn't afford to faint in these circumstances. Hey, hey! That is not apart of your job description! You’re the guru, the zen master of dealing with my kind! What should I do?

-*WAITS A COUPLE SECONDS* Yeah, that's what I thought.

-*SPEAKS WITH A LOW SAD TONE* No response; just like the government of my country.

*CONTINUE SAD TONE* Every night, it just consistently keeps me up. The fact that it’s a world problem and no one is doing anything about it. I don’t want to go outside in the summer. I keep my blinds shut. I’m afraid to drive past factories and see the smoke and fumes being emitted into the air… It just worries me.

-Yeah, it was a good session. Thanks zen master… I mean Ms.Slope. *Murmurs “crazy lady”*


-Hey fat Tony. Yeah, I’m doing fine.

-*LOOKS AT ARM* It’s a little itchy. I wish I my real one didn't get blown off. This’ll do though.

-I need you to gather up all our brother and *WHISPERS* tell them we have a meeting on “It.”...

-You know, “it”. The only fight harder than the enemy. The invisible fight.

-1198 Callow drive at 2200 tonight.


-I’m happy to see everyone.

The reason I called us all together is to address an issue that affects all of us. SETTLE DOWN, SETTLE DOWN! Now I know the first we spoke to the government about it, it didn’t end well. *Starts to sweat*

-But we’re warriors and warriors never quit.

-I want us to put together a rally together to get this problem worked on.

-It’s a big deal! Lives depend on our fight!

The government will not listen to those regular people in our society. It’s our time to be leaders!

-*POINTS SOMEWHERE IN CROWD* What’s your question? Yes. We meet at the board house and we stay out there as long as we need to get there attention. From there, we’ll demand that a bill or plan is put into place for our countries arriving years, to cut down on the amount of factories being built, and the amount of people driving gas cars.

From this, our nightmares won’t be ended but at least we can know that the future generation will enjoy their lives…


Subliminal suicide    

        Dear mother,

I’m falling… We’re falling I mean. Into a hole impossible to get out of. respected and cherished me. Don’t I deserve that? I just hope that some sense is pounded into the heads of those earthlings. I can’t deal with getting treated badly anymore. Why can’t I just be respected? I feel unappreciated, disrespected, and misused. The fill  me up with litter and debris. Carbon monoxide is constantly being injected into my bloodstream. Do they know I belong to them? Generally, when you own something, you take good care of it so it can last long. Don’t they love me? It wasn’t like this as I was growing up. People weren’t greedy, selfish, and ignorant. They only used the resources I provided when they needed it. My friends are getting cut down everyday to build injection plants to pump more monoxide into me. I think it’s time I just end it. I think about ending it everyday I get mishandled. I’m useless. At least that’s what they show me. There are consistent events headlined “TAKE CARE OF THE EARTH… IT’LL BE BENEFICIAL TO EVERYONE.” That’s a bunch of crap! They focus on my disease a couple times a year and litter the rest of the time. No! You CAN’T do that! It has to be a collective effort! Everyone recycle. Everyone change the light bulbs they have. Everyone cut down on the gas they use. If this doesn't happen soon, we’ll all die. Maybe I should end it now. Write back with your thoughts and suggestions when you get chance.