MP1 Art Blog and Artist's Statement: Brooke

Printmaking is the process of producing multiple images. Prints are created from a single original surface, known technically as a matrix or a plate. Prints are multipliable, easy to transport and exhibit. Printmaking is important because of its unique techniques. This invention reduced the cost to reproduce printed material, and as such, its creation was one of the most influential events of the second millennium. Printmaking was revolutionary because it was an easier way for artists to express their art. It is also a way to duplicate their artwork without having to redo it.

This painting shows two koi fish that are swimming in a circle. These two fish represent Yin and Yang or La and Tui. One fish is black with a white circle and the other one is white with a black circle. The artists creates space by having the fish swim apart from each other. There are lines that outline the fish and tiny details. I think that this drawing is about Yin and Yang or La and Tui. La and Tui are two spirits that took the appearance of fishes and the same with yin and yang. I think that this is a good drawing because the artist really adds in good details. They also did really well with drawing the water splashes.

I noticed that the artist added in a lot of details for the fish scales.

I wonder if the artist was just drawing it because it would look nice, or if there is suppose to be a deep meaning.

What if there is a deep meaning behind this.

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