"Must Be The Money" by Max Amar-Olkus

Welcome to this week’s installment of This Philadelphian Life. I’m your host, Max Amar-Olkus. This week we look into the life of a man that would do anything just to make sure his family wasn’t poor. As soon as he’d see the economy change he knew it was time for him to make a change too. Jerry Olkus made it through life by taking risks. Big risks.

In this project I learned a lot about my grandfather. He would always tell me these stories as a child but I would never really listen. Now that I’m more grown up and (arguably) more mature, I’m able to take a lot away from his stories. He puts effort into everything he does and many people have trouble doing this. I personally have problems with effort but this conversation has made me realize that I have to make a change. I learned that if I want to succeed in life it won’t just come to me. I have to actually be proactive and try my best in school and everything else in life. 

English Benchmark 2_27_13 - Jerry Olkus interview

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