My BM post and questions.

  • What did you set out to do?
I set out to inform the people of C band Storytelling about a coincidence that I noticed after watching the NFL draft two weeks ago.  I noticed that the inspection of the players and their showcasing was extremely similar to the auction block selling of slaves. I felt as though it would prove intriguing and beneficial to enlighten people of this revelation. 

  • How does your work incorporate the art of storytelling?
My collage allows for me to express my true creativity, while giving the viewers a chance to use their brains. 

  • What do you hope your audience gains from your work?
I hope they understand the infrastructure that is older than our grandparents, yet still in play. I wanted people to see that even though they are being compensated, their treatment is still relatively the same.  

  • What did you gain from doing this work. 
I've gained better confidence for explaining the struggles of my people as we've struggled to maintain relevance in this world. I've also gained a sense of understanding; no matter how hard Blacks try in this country, we will never be considered equal.