My Perspective Drawing Of Art Room By Maria Latorre.

The first thing we did was start of with a blank page and tried to find the different perspectives. One from a bird eye to a worms eye view. We practiced this method over and over. Then we got started in the Art Room perspective. The first thing I did was count the number of box looking this that where around the lights. Then I drew it and when it was done I started on the left part of the room. The pillar in the far left was the second thing that I drew it was easy at first then I had to add all the other part. Then came the windows it was really easy but when I finished it I had to draw the blinds. Then I drew the front wall it was just the windows and the blinds with two other drawings. Then I finished the left wall and started on the right wall. It was harder because I had to draw a couch, a door, other drawings, tables, and the board. The last thing I did was the two tables in the middle of the room.

The easiest parts of the perspective drawing was when I drew the windows and the tables.

The hardiest parts of the perspective drawing was the couch, the other drawings, and the pillars.

Tamatha Lancaster: Her draw was really interesting to me and well made. It looks like she took her time to draw it. Also it  looks like she put a lot of though in to it too. If I didn't see this room before and saw her picture and then I saw the room. Then I would think that this and the room that was draw look just the same.