My portfolio blog

My ceiling tile has a lot of meaning for me. It is an anime character named Natsu, from one of my favorite animes called "Fairy Tail." Behind him is the fairy tail symbol. Natsu has fire magic so that's why the fire in in the picture. Whenever I see this symbol or Natsu, it reminds me to be strong and work hard towards the goals I want to achieve in life. I am very proud with how it turned out, and I like my art style. I drew everything by hand and eye, no tracing. Next in my self portrait I challenged myself to again not tracing and using hand and eye skills. I started out with shapes and made my way into detail. It was difficult at first. In fact I have another picture of the same thing that I drew of myself, on a smaller paper. They look different. This portrait looks just like me, but the other had better details in the shading. I absolutely am prod of my work.