Mya Fleming Capstone

Mya Fleming May 11, 2022

Capstone Abstract:

For my capstone project, “Five Entrepreneurial Brands to try in Philadelphia [2022]”, I promoted five small entrepreneurships in Philadelphia using marketing tips. The businesses include baked goods, photography services, clothing, and nail services. The goal of this project is to help support entrepreneurs by emphasizing their strengths and talents. In the process, I learned more about marketing, which is one of the subjects that I want to study in college. After researching marketing strategies, and talking with my mentor, Torian Ugworji, I decided to promote these businesses through a website.

The entrepreneurs who participated put a lot of effort into their work and were easy to communicate with, showing their leadership skills. Each business is marketed on the website with pictures of the products and a written description of the services provided. The quality of each product reflects the importance of presentation, which is a big part of marketing. This project shows the business owners’ talents and helps others see them. It also allows people to hear and learn more about the entrepreneurs and their businesses.

I learned how important presentation is, both for promoting the entrepreneurships through the website, and for the entrepreneurs’ products. Presentation skills in particular are useful for anyone, whether starting your own business or working for someone else. Hopefully this website inspires people and makes people want to share their talents with others.

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