Negative and Positive Space

A. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)
Negative Space is when you shade in the blank parts of your drawing, usually where nothing is. Like in a drawing of a chair, in between the legs would be shaded, and that is considered negative spave.

B. Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out?, 2. in your stool drawing?

I found negative space in my stool drawing, by shading in the parts of the stool that have nothing there, like in between the legs of the stool. I found negative space in my cut out because I saw the dark parts of the bird, and I cut them out, because that is what you had to trace, and  cut out to make the cut out.

C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?

It helps an artist to see negative space, because it helps the artist tell which part of the drawing is real, and can be touched, and what part is just air.
D. Does seeing in negative space enhance drawings, why or why not?
Yes, seeing negative space enhances drawings, because they look more professional, and it helps the person looking at the drawing, to see what is air, and what is not.