Negative Space

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  • A. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)                    

Negative space is the clear blank empty space around a picture.

  • B. Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out?, 2. in your stool drawing?

I found negative space in my cut out by when I used different colour for template to background paper I saw the shape of the cut out. In my stool drawling I did scissors, I found by when I shaded white paper then erase the outline of the scissors. So when I saw the different colours I found negative space.     

  • C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?

It helps an artist by it him see what he drawled only and it adds a balance to the picture.

  • D. How is negative space useful in creating art?

Negative space is used to just focus what has been drawled.