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Net neutrality

Net neutrality is when all data is produced equally to every person. Net neutrality has keep the internet together and has proved itself efficient in the years passed but some people think otherwise. The net neutrality  word that was created by Tim Wu has been tested by the FCC. The FCC is Federal Communication Commission . The FCC show what content is shown or being produced over tv, , and radio. They decide what is art or totally wholesome to be shown for other people. The Fcc over the years have worked their way into the internet and decided that NO Net Neutrality would be a better way to go for everyone or just them ?

In February the FCC and Tom Wheeler  will be having a meeting on what new rules they want to consider or make for NEt neutrality. This has been a topic that has been circling in media and schools for quite a while now .   NEw rules might new internet service for all of us .    The FCC decides that we should no longer have net neutrality we might all get slower content based on what we pay for and may lose important information which is highly wrong but we do not get a say so in what internet privileges we get even though we are the ones paying for it .

In conclusion we all should agree that net neutrality is good for our whole society. Net neutrality affects no one but all of us. The FCC should stop meddling into the internet and stick to covering content on  the tv, radio . NO one should be treated less than because of their financial income. We fought for equality so lets stay Equal .

Screenshot 2015-01-09 at 9.17.23 AM
Screenshot 2015-01-09 at 9.17.23 AM