New and Old Slides

For the first slide, I was afraid to make things to close to each other or making the texts big. After I took another glance at the "Presentation Zen" website, I then realized that it was okay to make things big and close to each other. I also learned how to use the rule of the thirds, something that I didn't know how to use before. I focused on the rule of the thirds in my new slide. The Old slide out of the two is the first. The New slide is the second slide.

The New slide has a lot of properties from the "presentation zen" website. The texts on my Dr. Seuss quote is very large and easy to read. Also, in the first column when using the rule of the thirds is my picture and quote. Then, the second column contains the words "Dermatology is my life". That is also bold and large. That phrase is very simple and is self-explanatory. Finally, the third column had all of the dermatology products that I use.

tech BM 2