Niah Lombo: Me slide

Media Fluency_ Niah Lombo
In technology class we are making a Media Aid all about yourself. I made the slide like this because I try to be myself and not what others want me to be. I think it would be boring if everyone is normal because we would learn nothing new from each other is we are "normal". The blue bird in the pack of brown birds show that even if the blue bird is different the others don't treat him differently. That is why i wrote "It's okay to be YOUnique."  What influenced my decision was that i believe that people try too hard to be something that they are not and i am trying to show them that it is okay to be different. 
I tried not to do no text aid on my slide. So i just wrote a small but meaningful quote and I bleed the picture because you could tell that the birds are sitting on a wooden fence. I balanced the mini hearts and the picture so it can look like a real poster and not a poorly photo shopped poster. 

Comments (3)

Ona Brown (Student 2017)
Ona Brown

I liked your slide Niah Lombo ! I noticed how you drew the blue color from the bird to make the color of your text. It was a nice touch. Also, I noticed that instead of spelling unique the correct way, you spelled it You-Nique which made it have a deeper meaning. Keep up the good work.

Husain Kegler (Student 2017)
Husain Kegler

Hello Niah, I notice that you used the color blue for " nique " and that was an excellent detail. I wonder why are there hearts on the slide? Do you think they should go? What if you used the color blue as " you " and black for " nique ."

Adlynn Gonzalez (Student 2017)
Adlynn Gonzalez

I noticed how you changed part of the word YOUnique to a different color. I wonder if you could have changed the entire color of the word YOUnique. What if the picture wasn't that pixelated .