No Child Left Behind Act

This is the No Child Left behind Act

I chose this bill because I felt like it was really relevant to our every day life and has been for a while. I know that because of this bill our school exists to prove it wrong. To prove that we don't need these test to improve academic achievement among students. I chose this particular presentation format because I wanted to do something engaging, thought provoking, as well as intriguing visually. The challenges I overcame in this project was figuring out how exactly I could get my point across about the bill without seeming boring or over the top. Another challenge I had was getting the footage that I needed and getting the timing for each clip. If I had to do this project all over again I'd very well try to add more to it but I would have also made two or three videos showing information on the bill, how one side feels about it, and how the opposing side feels about the bill instead of kind of lumping everything together. It was a very quick video that was straight and to the point but I think it could have been better.The research and investigation told me that if you an idea and you feel strongly about it, especially something that can impact people's every day life, all it needs is support and possibly money as well so that it can move forward. Teachers don't agree with standardized testing and though to their protests and because of bureaucrats with money and politicians taking bribes, the Senate voted to pass this bill anyway. My process was pretty easy because you could find information almost anywhere on it. I could find both perspectives from their standpoints and I could easily understand it. Overall this bill was really cool to learn about and I had fun making this media and I hope to continue making projects like these.