No repeal of the Prohibition

To see my project click here. For this project I decided to see what the country would be like with out the repeal of the prohibition.


The part that I liked about this project was it's originality and how you could basically do anything you wanted. But at the same time that was what I didn't like about it. I wasn't sure how I was going to present the project and what I was going to do the project on, it was so broad. The thing I found most interesting was that my topic could have changed an election. FDR was liked for his ability to please the people and not repealing the prohibition would not have been good for him. Well depending on the person their actions impacts a lot on history. But then that does make sense because if the country gives you enough power to influence something then of course something will change history. Since people depend on the system it always will impact something historical. This project could be improved if you gave a list of things that people could do and try to have them not create so many sources. I would probably change my topic because even though it seemed a little fun and interestingly good it turned out not to be as interesting and not fun.