Noah Marant Capstone


My project was to take photographs around the city of Philadelphia and see if I can find any highly littered places to photograph. After that I would report them to Philly 311 and then they get a crew to clean that area that I took the picture of. What I did at first was think of a place in this big city and how I was going to get there. I thought about all these things for a really long time and decided that i'm going to do them whenever I feel like it. The best thing would be better for me to not schedule too much because of the work I have at school. I looked online for the most polluted areas in Philadelphia but couldn't find anything on the subject other than Philly 311 which only had information of where trash is being reported so I stopped looking online altogether. I how I was going to get to my preferred locations we're just walking so I could get a better look at the area's better than a car or trolley. Then I decided that rather than using my expensive rebel XL canon camera I was going to use my iPhone 6 camera because it would feel more natural taking a picture from your phone then an expensive camera not many people have expensive cameras and they don't carry them around that much but they carry their phones so it feels more natural taking a photograph with my phone.

slideshow of photographs i took