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Elizabeth Burrows (Student 2018)
Elizabeth Burrows

I loved how you decided to write your story in diary entries, it really engaged me and made me feel more connected to your character Abby. I also like how you incorporated time travel, which is a sci fi element people don't really talk about that much which I think was really cool.

Hadleigh Stammers (Student 2018)
Hadleigh Stammers

I really liked the idea to have each section start with the 'dear diary' and that the story was in first person. I also think the characters were created well. I liked the idea of the time machine being built and transporting the kids' parents to a different time where they got stuck, but it would have been interesting if the whole story was about the journey they went through trying to find them because I feel like that was sort of rushed at the end. Like instead of them disappearing years ago maybe they just disappeared and all that was left was the mysterious machine which they had to use to find their parents.

Nadia Green (Student 2018)
Nadia Green

I really liked the concept of your story. I think that the sci fi was good in the story and that it kept me waning to read and know more. I liked the characters and felt that it was cool that the girl had mirror become someone who she was close with.