America is FAT. 

That’s not shocking at all. We have McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King’s, and other fast food chains everywhere we look in this country. Why is that? Because the healthy food industry doesn’t have as many advertisements as the fast food chains. But now, fast food chains are becoming “healthy.” Truthfully, adding a slab of lettuce, a tomato slice, or two pickles isn’t healthy.

Those unhealthy drinks that now say fat free, sugar free, diet, no added sugar, etc. seem healthier now, correct? According to a source, they all translate into something much worse: Fat free, but full of sugar and chemicals. Sugar free, but they have increased carbohydrates. “Diet” but it’s going to give you health problems if you digest enough of it. Sugar free, because the original has more than enough sugar as it is.  

False advertisement? Let’s look at it like they’re enhancing the part that will attract your attention and leave out the part that makes it a lot worse than it actually is. 

Another factor in the unhealthy eating habits is the lack of access to healthy foods. Here, there are fast food chains within walking distance from home, but the next Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods is 30 blocks or further from home.

Naturally, we all make up excuses and compromise. “I’m going to get a Big Mac meal and a diet Coke,” “I’m walking 3 blocks to get food so I should reward myself with a Whopper.” You should reward yourself with something healthy. You’re getting a soda that is TWICE as sweet as the original Coke with the use of artificial sugar and a heart attack in a box. Not only is it bad for your weight, but it’s going to give you a lot of health issues in the future - if you even have one. 

It’s normal, right? 

Personally, I’ve done small tasks and have felt obligated to reward myself with chips. But the one thing my family is against are those diet products and the products that say sugar free on the label. Yes, we do our research and it’d be beneficial for everyone to do that. Of course we’re lazy and aren’t in the mood to exercise to stay healthy. So the lazy way of improving your health would be to eat healthier. 

How do we change ourselves? 

First thing’s first, don’t be mislead by those “healthy” labels in your favorite food. They are much worse than the original package. Now the message isn’t to stop eating your unhealthy foods, just eat a lot less of it. 

The government’s position in this crisis should be to make healthy food more accessible and raise the prices in junky foods. People get soda and other unhealthy snacks under food stamps. They should be aiding the people to be healthier. Raise taxes for junk food, make it less available, do something to save everyone from their lack of self control. Promote the healthy lifestyle to everyone and make it more affordable. 

Honestly, who is to blame here; You, your parent’s for raising you to be this way, the government, or society?

We are fools to fall for these foods and developing the habits or was it our parents? They are the ones who raised you right from wrong. If they allowed you to develop such bad eating habits, maybe they’re at fault. 

In recent health statistics, the weighted average of obesity in 28 different countries was 14.1% with the U.S. ranking #1 at 30.6%. That’s not something to be proud of.