Pacific Garbage Patch

​Deshawn Mcleod, Taylor Veasley, Ananda Knight

This infographic is about the Pacific Garbage Patch. We wanted to provide facts and illustrations to get our information across to viewers . We used lots of picture to show the effects on Animals and humans from the pacific garbage patch. Our main goal was to get the point across about how important the Pacific Garbage Patch is and how bad it effects the environment. We want to make more people aware and realize that this needs to be cleaned up and people should not litter. 

Annotated Bibliography 

DeShawn’s Sources:

"Great Pacific Garbage Patch." National Geographic. n. page. Web. 29 Mar. 2013. <>.

  • This explains how the patch starting through environmental means. It shows how the patch started and what its effects are. The article is about how it started, where it came from, and where it goes and how.

  • The National Geographic is a well known, notable, effective source that has been putting environmental information out for a while. Their goal is to just report unbiased news.

  • It gives the barebones of what happens and it elaborates on that, but I’d use that to further my research.

Kostigen, Thomas. "The World's Largest Dump: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch." Discover Magazine. n. page. Web. 29 Mar. 2013. <

  • This is a person’s opinion on the garbage patch and how it effects their life. It’s basically a biased article because it’s a person’s opinion. But it shows how the patch effects human and marine life.

  • This is a part of the discovery magazine, so their information has to be true or at least legit.

Ananda’s Sources

"Lies You've Been Told About the Pacific Garbage Patch." io9 - We come from the future.. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Apr. 2013. <>.

-This source is about The Pacific Garbage Patch and the different interpretations people had from it and about it. When the Pacific Garbage Patch came about many myths as well as facts. This is an very good site because it provides examples of different myths that came up when people talked about the Pacific Garbage Patch, these were all common misconceptions.

The Site gives examples and tells why people thought these things and how they were wrong. This site is organized very well and provides pictures and very straight to the point descriptions. Everything makes since so I feel I can trust the site to get information from it.

At the bottom there is a space provided for people to make comments and it is interesting to see what others have to say. This site is very easy to use and I would recommend it to others trying to

Cooney, Katherine. "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Poses New Threat to Marine Life |" NewsFeed | Breaking news and updates from News pictures, video, Twitter trends. | N.p., n..  d. Web. 1 Apr. 2013<>

- This site provides readers with the who, when, where and why to the Pacific Garbage Patch. It is very credible because it is from The Times News Feed. This is a good site because it has really good descriptions and helps you to visualize the Pacific Garbage Patch if you dont already know about it. Readers are able to learn something new within every sentence .

"How the oceans can clean themselves: Boyan Slat at TEDxDelft - YouTube."YouTube. N.p., n.d. Web. 5 Apr. 2013. <>.

This is Ted Talk about the Pacific Garbage Patch. This video was very useful because the person offered us a lot of facts. It was also very hard to find someone who cared about the Pacific Garbage Patch so this was very interesting. It is very credible because it is a TED talk and I know that they only let reliable people speak on topics. The video was very interesting and easy to understand. We were able to pull out at least 5 facts from this video.

Taylor Veasley

"De-mystifying the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch"" Marine Debris Program. N.p., 19 July 2012. Web. 01 Apr. 2013. <>

- This site is a good source because it gives a wonderful description of the Pacific Garbage Patch. The cover the very basics, they give you the very definition of the Pacific Garbage Patch and then they talk about even where they are located. The website really goes into depth with the explanations and the entire article is very easy to understand.