Payton's Printmaking Post

Printmaking is a type of art, which you transfer an image on a paper from a carved wood, metal, stone, or screen. There is different types of printmaking such as relief, intaglio, etc. Printmaking is important to the artist because it isn’t normal art. This art is made by transferring it to make a print. Printmaking apparently started after paper was made in China around AD 105. Printmaking had a its most success in the 18th century in France.


Lee Stevenson- Night Tide. Lino & Woodcut

This print is interesting to me because this seems like it’d take so much patience. I wonder how long it took. I noticed the detail in this is incredible. I love looking at oceans at night and the way this is done is what it actually looks like, which is a realistic sense portrayed. It’s very well done. The contrast of the dark brown and light blue works well together. The lines are pointing my eyes towards the right upper corner of the art.