Pediatric Cancer - You Can't Dodge the Bullet

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This is a image of the ribbon that represents childhood cancer awareness.

Pediatric Cancer. Those two words have been the worst fears families have had and continue to have across the world. Doing a topic on cancer was something I already had in mind, but when I learned of two cases of cancer on the same day, I knew it was my calling to do a project on pediatric cancer. One case that I heard about was during school when someone told me pop star Taylor Swift, mother was diagnosed. The case that made me definite about choosing pediatric cancer was when I found out a freshman student at SLA Beeber had cancer. I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram and I saw a picture of a girl who took a selfie and captioned it ¨first bald selfie¨.  I began to look through her photos and I realized a girl my age who attends SLA sister had cancer. This hit so close to home. This topic interest me because there are so many teens including me who take things for granted. I want to show that people who are just like us are fighting a fight they didn’t choose and are in a worse situation than us.

This is a image of facts about childhood cancer: 

No matter who you are, no matter how much money you have you can’t dodge the bullet of cancer. Every year an estimated 263,000 cases of cancer affects children under the age of twenty.  From 1970 to 2011 the amounts of deaths from childhood cancer has decreased 67%, which is really important but there are so many more steps we need to take to cure childhood cancer completely. About 250 children lose their lives to cancer every single day. The scariest fact of them all is that childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease and the number two cause of death overall in the United States.  These number makes me scared but It just reminds me how fortunate I am to live each and every day without the fear of dying. This topic is also important because it affects everyone that’s involved with the person and you can become someone involved with someone with cancer.

While doing this project I’m looking forward to getting to know people who have had to go through or are still going through cancer. I want children who have cancer to know that people their age actually care about their condition. I hope to inspire people to live everyday to the fullest and let people know that there are people going through worse situations than them. I also want people to know the symptoms and the risk they have when it comes. I want people to have a different perspective on life after reading my blog posts.

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Elani Gonzalez-Ortiz (Student 2018)
Elani Gonzalez-Ortiz

Kaamil, I can see that you are very passionate about your topic. The topic you chose is a good one and it can be very informative. I'm interested in how you are going to do your change, maybe you ware awareness, or start or help a charity. You're doing really good so far!