Petty Refection

How does this project relate to the real world?

This project does relate to the real world. I think at any where at anytime you can be put in a place where you need to find the height of something. You might not get the real height but you will be close. I find this project will come in handy when you have to move houses, or home remodel. You measure a lot of things when this is happening, and something a way to tall for you to get something a masure with.   

What was the most exciting portion of this project and why? What was the least exciting portion to this project and why?

I think that the most exciting part of this project was getting to go outside. I really need in a school day to go outside, and get some air. This was really nice for the class, another was that you gave us help outside of school. One thing was it I think we needed a little more time, just for the drawing. Also it was a little cold.  

What did you learn from completing this project?

I learned how to use the method we learned better, this was the biggest thing for me. Also I learned how to cross multiply much better. I am really bad at fractions and I have gotten better.