Philadelphia School Bullying

In the last Quarter of school, our English teacher Ms.Dunn gave us a project called “You and the World”. In this project the issue I am going to bring up is school bullying. I think bullying is the big issue going on all over U.S. I am interested in this issue because I have been bullied in middle school, because I spoke different languages when other kids in my class did not. I moved here from Bangladesh when I was twelve years old. When I started school, I didn’t know much English and was shy to talk. Kids would push me, try to fight me and make fun of me because I was different.


I think bullying is the perfect reason why kids in middle school don’t like to be in school. Watch this video. It shows how unsafe some of our schools are in Philadelphia. After years of harassment and bullying, this video was taken by a 12 year old girl who wanted her mother to see what going on in her classroom everyday.


According to the New York Times, in Philadelphia seven teenagers were arrested for a bullying incident in which a 13-year-old student was kicked and beaten before being hung by his coat from a spiked fence post. This is what is happening in our School District schools and I don’t think those kids are safe in school. We as community members have to do something about this bullying and stop it as soon as possible.

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Aateeyah Sharrieff (Student 2015)
Aateeyah Sharrieff

I noticed you have a really good and informational video that viewers can watch. I wonder, if you have ever seen someone else being bullied and tried to help. What if you told us how your life in Bangladesh.

Chaveliz Nieves (Student 2015)
Chaveliz Nieves

I noticed that you compared your personal life with what is happening today in school. I wonder if you can talk about more then Philadelphia schools. Maybe you can compare the "bully system" in Philadelphia with Bangladesh. What if you spoke about how your life was in Bangladesh and how it changed in the U.S.