Phoenix Satterfield Capstone

For my capstone, I recreated photos of Philadelphia taken from between the 1950s and 1970s. I chose those two decades in particular because that was a period of conflicted change in Philadelphia. My final product is a booklet that compares each old photo with the ones I took of the same locations in 2021.

This project is very exploratory. There were two main goals for it, the first being to help people who are new to Philadelphia by providing ideas on where to go or what to explore. The second goal is to give historical context in an attempt to answer why and how things look the way they do today. The booklet starts with chapters about recreational areas, areas in Philadelphia that are designed and/or used for activities done for enjoyment. Its second half talks more about structures that have been present for a long time or have an interesting history. Nevertheless, anyone can pick up this booklet, read through it, and even go to the locations listed to witness how attractive they are for themselves.

Link to my booklet on Google Drive (If the file is too large for preview, you will have to download it):

Annotated Bibliography:

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