Podcast 3: Brendan Hall & Barnes, Sean Johnson, Justin Stewart

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Leah Bradstreet (Student 2019)
Leah Bradstreet
  1. They talk about the author's intent by theorizing some possible morals of the story like dedication will reap results. They also theorize that the book was about being a man and what it takes to be one. To use fishing as an analogy for deeper problems they said was probably the author's intent.
  2. I liked their intro music as well as how they summarize what happened in the book and what the book was about. They share the conversation very well. They use quotes to support their ideas.
Tylier Driscoll (Student 2019)
Tylier Driscoll

I like the conversation they were having in the podcast because it was very natural and didn't seem forced. I also liked how Brendan kept giving his thoughts on authors intent and how the other members responded to them.

Jason Chen (Student 2019)
Jason Chen

You guys did a good job in explaining the authors intent. There were many questions that were brought up. Overall I really enjoyed the introduction, it got me in my feels and the converation was entertaining to listen to.

Deja Winfield (Student 2019)
Deja Winfield

Author's Intent- the authors intent could have been his message to never give up on something you want to accomplish. they mention that the author could have been connecting this to biblical since some of the events correspond.

production: everyone seems to be very comfortable creating a naturally flowing conversation. some slight editing would have made the production quality better. (getting rid of things such as " we have ten minutes left"

Carolina Ortiz-Lugo (Student 2019)
Carolina Ortiz-Lugo
  1. The authors intent was talked about briefly in the beginning of the podcast but I think that it could have been something they went more into depth about.
  2. I like that they maintained the same conversation flow and chemistry throughout all of their podcasts.
Catherine Long (Student 2019)
Catherine Long
  1. They showed a few different ideas for the author's intent of the book. Also breaking the author's intent into different sections.

  2. The podcast felt natural and unedited, the music at the beginning was a nice touch. I like that they asked each other questions and piggybacked on certain topics/ideas.

Amaris Ortiz (Student 2019)
Amaris Ortiz
  1. Author's Intent - To show people that if you're dedicated to one thing, you can accomplish it
  2. Production - The conversation flowed naturally so there didn't seem to be a lot of editing