Polson, Why teens need to know about net neutrality tech class

​Teens need to know about net neutrality because we are such a connected world and it is important to know about what we are really doing when we do something.  Net neutrality is making sure that everyone has the same amount of internet.  A good example of this is that a few years ago Google opposed big internet providers to manipulate the company so that they could slow down speed up or do anything with Google.  Google said they never want to be part of an organization that has full control of their organization.
Net neutrality is your computer telling the bits of another computer what to do.  These computers that store all the bits provide the the content.  The ISP's maintain the wires betwteen computers to make sure that they are all connected.  Unfortnatly ISP's can slow certain programs down if they want you to suport something else.  They will also ask you to pay for something that had been free for a very long time because they feel like you owe them and they just want you to pay them.  They also tell you that if you pay you get faster internet which is not true at all!!  You actually get slower internet and the internet you had before you payed is faster than the internet after you payed.

It is important for teens to know all this because fast lanes and net neutrality are all important for us to know because we use media so much.  Fast lanes dont actually exist because the ISP's just made them up for an ecuse to get money from us.  If you want to be safe on the internet don't get anything that says you have to pay for it if it looks shady.  By that I mean if the website doesn't look legidamate or if you don't agree with their polocies than don't do it.